Burnt Brydges Wood Company’s name comes from a shop fire that happened in March of 2016, with the shop being located on Brydges Street it seemed very fitting.  A lot of projects and tools went up in flames and the shop had to be rebuilt. Despite the fire and momentum of a new company getting put at a stand still, the shop was rebuilt bigger and better, the rebuild was complete in March of 2017.

What we can do for you!

We do a lot of river tables, live edge and square edge wood working. Custom furniture including: dining tables, coffee tables, desks, shelves and conference tables are just some of the things we specialize in.  Along with charcuterie boards and other seasonal projects.

We like to accommodate everyone’s budget on projects, within reason, by working with the client to ensure we can come up with a solution to meet their needs.


Our Core Values

We believe in connecting with people and building positive relationships that lead to happy lasting memories. Always trying to go above and beyond a clients expectations to get to the “wow” factor and hopefully make clients jaws drop when they see their completed project.


Jesse Coleman